Meet some of the industries standout personel. We talk shop with Builders, Stonemasons, Desingners, Landscapers and Architects to find out how they got into their craft and what keeps them motivated today. 

Allow Splendour in Stone to introduce the people behind the tools..









Stone artisan 


 Lew's work has been featured in many publications including The New York Times and House Beauiful. He has two books showcasing his work - Stone by Design & Sticks & Stones. Much of Lew's work has inspired many to lift up a chisel and get to work. Splendour in stone is pleased to give you Mr Lew French                                                                                                                                     







1. How did you get into your profession?  


 I started working on houses when I was 18, in one of my projects I built a stone fireplace I knew right away I wanted to work with stone.    


 2. What do you enjoy about your job?


Lots of things but the 2 main things are designing projects and being able to build them.   




3. What has been your proudest moment in your career?


That's a hard one to answer. I try not to be to proud of anything I just do my work. 



4. What inspires you today?


Our natural surrounding.   Nature. 



5.  What are the keys to being a good tradesman?


Be your own worst critic, analyze your work.   Listen to what your clients say.     Do what you say your going to do.    Don't promise unless you can deliver.     Learn all aspects of your craft.   Take risks.     Be humble we really don't control much.   



6. Best advice received? 


Tell the truth.










Interior Design







Sam Robinson is an award winning Interior Designer. Her innovative design work has achieved national accolades for the design of Kitchens & Bathrooms, and for design excellence in all aspects of residential housing, renovations & extensions, as well as commercial and retail developments. 





1 How did you get into your profession?


My career began by accident really – when we sold our first house the real estate agent asked if I could help their clients present the houses for sale on a continuing basis as ours was presented so well. I loved it so much  that after doing this for 12 months or so, decided to go to uni and formalise my training. When I qualified I was fortunate enough to get a job with an architect’s office and 25 years on I have my own practise and love every day.


2 What do you enjoy about your job?


I love the people you meet and the close relationships formed during the design/build process. The creativity keeps my interest alive as each project is different. The design work is exacting and demands detail with realistic solutions to unique ideas.



3 What has been your proudest moment in your career?


This is hard to answer as there have been many, starting with winning an award at uni. Getting a job with an architect was also a proud moment as employment prospects were poor at the time. As my career progressed I won many awards culminating in an overall Australian award for my design work.



4 What inspires you today?


There are many sources of inspiration – art, visiting galleries, researching old buildings and visiting them, watching new builds take shape, talking with people, magazines, travelling, fashion, fabrics, colours and lines of nature. Constructions, houses and interiors old and new are so exciting. When talking with clients the sketches begin and it all takes shape from there.




5 What are the keys to being a good tradesman/designer/builder?


Listening carefully to your clients’ needs and wants and making them work in a stylish and functional way. Conscious and careful consideration of Form & Function is the perfect marriage needed to achieve good design. Being available through all of the design and construction or manufacturing processes and always being the main point of contact.



6 Best advice you have received? 


Stay true to your ideas and develop your own style. Never stop learning.



7. If you could dine with any 3 people (living or dead) who would it be?


Antoni Gaudi

Nelson Mandala

Billy Connelly

Oh and I have a 4th…….. Elvis