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Standing the test of time, natural stone has been used for thousands of years and now is revered in some the world’s most iconic historical architecture. With its beautiful natural tones and textures, incorporating natural stone walling into your home or commercial property adds an element of history and nature to your space, no matter where you are.


Using Natural Stone for Your Walling

Aside from its durability, natural stone provides aesthetic versatility to your home. With a wide range of stone varieties, cuts and finishes to choose from, introducing natural stone into your house design is an excellent way to create designer feature walls, enhancing the natural atmosphere of your home. Whether you’re looking for a complete stone façade or a stunning stone fireplace to complete your interior design, natural stone walling is an excellent option.


Splendour in Stone Know Walling

We are passionate about our craft and offer a wide range of products and services to provide high quality artisan stone walling thorough out Melbourne. Our stone walling services include:



A natural granite stone featuring stunning earthy tones and natural colours, popular for soft interiors and lighter toned exteriors.


Blue Ridge

 Beautiful stone in random lengths, Blue Ridge offers an authentic, natural stone look in blue and grey tones with elements of beige.



A dense granite stone, Buffalo is a popular choice for dry stack and grouted walling and features grey, blue and brown tones.           



Featuring a range of stunning natural terracotta, beige, greys and blue tones, Dinorwic typically features longer, rectangular slate pieces and adds stunning texture to feature walls.


Gold Elbe

A beautiful sandstone, Gold Elbe offers soft caramel, beige and brown hues and brings warmth to any design.


Desert Limestone

The sandy beige and brown characters of Desert Limestone bring a touch of the desert into your home, and can offers subtle to softer designs.


Splendour in Stone supply corner stones to match each particular product so you have complete flexibility and versatility in your walling designs.

Our natural stone walling come pre-prepared with the backs sawn smooth, allowing for easy application to all suitable substrates


Why Choose Splendour in Stone as your Walling Artisans?

Our professional team are experts in natural stone and have extensive experience in not only walling, but wall cladding, stone paving, pool coping and more. We work closely with you to create unique designs and build stunning stone walls to bring character and style to your property.

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