Get the Results You Want with Splendour in Stone

Natural stone has the incredible ability to soften a space, creating an atmosphere of natural beauty in any area. When it comes to trends and phases, granite pavers have stood the test of time for exactly this reason. 


Why Choose Granite Pavers?

Around the world granite has been used for centuries not just because of its undeniable beauty, but because of its hardwearing and structural properties. Granite paving provides an aesthetically pleasing flooring solution and can be incorporated into both your indoor and outdoor designs.

Its durable nature makes granite the perfect choice for not only paving, but for wall cladding, pools, commercial interiors and much more.


Granite to Suit You

With a huge variety of colours, textures and looks granite provides an endless array of options to suit your taste. Splendour in Stone stocks a range of beautiful granite stone, from unique lengths of Blue Ridge to the light earthy tones of Hotham in our walling range as well as creating stunning granite paving results to make your Melbourne property stand out.


Granite Maintenance

One of the most appealing characteristics of granite pavers is the low level of maintenance required. As one of the most durable natural materials available, granite withstands high traffic and spills, and generally doesn’t require regular professional attention.


Why Splendour Stone?

Splendour in Stone constantly draw inspiration from history, and understand that great stonemasonry can stand the test of time. We are passionate about natural stone, and dedicated to providing you with the highest quality craftsmanship possible. Our expert team have extensive experience in both residential and commercial projects and can assist all your granite paving needs in Melbourne.


Have a look at our gallery for some examples of our past granite work, or talk to us today for quotes and more information.


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