Transform your walls with the timeless beauty and modern edge of Hotham Granite. This natural stone’s structured ledge style and warm, earthy palette offer incredible design versatility – perfect for both rustic charm and contemporary elegance. Its split finish and sawn back create a captivating textural contrast, while random sizes and matching corners ensure a truly distinctive statement piece.

Key Features

Hotham boasts a range of critical features that make it a preferred choice for discerning designers and homeowners alike.


Here are its standout characteristics:


  • Durability: Known for its exceptional hardness and resistance to scratching, staining, and heat.
  • Variety of Colors and Patterns: With a diverse range of colours and patterns available, including bold veining and subtle speckling, Hotham Granite offers options to suit any design aesthetic.
  • Natural Beauty: Each slab of Hotham Granite is unique, showcasing the natural variations in colour, veining, and texture characteristics of genuine stone.
  • Versatility: Hotham Granite is suitable for various applications, including bathroom feature walls and wall cladding. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.
  • Low Maintenance: With its non-porous surface, Hotham Granite is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance to keep it as good as new for years.
  • Longevity: Thanks to its durability and timeless appeal, Hotham Granite surfaces are an investment that will withstand the test of time, adding value and beauty to your home or project. 


Specification Details
Composition Primarily composed of granite, feldspar, and mica, providing hardness and durability.
Weight 75kg per square meter.
Thickness Options Standard thicknesses range from 30mm to 40mm, offering flexibility for design and installation requirements.
Slab Dimensions The walling is commonly 150mm to 400mm, and the corners are 150mm to 250mm, enabling substantial coverage.
Finish Types Available in Natural Split finish and polished, honed, and leathered finishes for diverse aesthetics.
Colour Variations Exhibits natural variations in gold, brown, grey, and rust tones due to geological formation.
Usage Recommendations Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications such as bathroom feature walls and wall cladding.

Ideal Use Cases and Application

Hotham Granite is highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications in both residential and commercial settings. 


Here are some ideal use cases and applications for Hotham Granite:


  • Wall Cladding: Whether indoors or outdoors, Hotham Granite adds a touch of luxury to walls and facades. Its durability and resistance to weathering make it suitable for exterior applications, while its natural beauty enhances interior spaces.
  • Bathroom Feature Walls: Hotham Granite offers style and functionality and is perfect for bathroom feature walls. Its resistance to moisture and staining ensures longevity in a humid environment.
  • Outdoor Features: From outdoor kitchens to fire pits and patio seating areas, Hotham Granite enhances outdoor living spaces with its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Considerations for Using Hotham Granite

Before incorporating Hotham Granite into your project, consider the following factors to ensure optimal results:


  • Colour Selection: Due to the natural variations in colour and veining of Hotham Granite, viewing full slabs or large samples is essential to ensure the desired aesthetic. Keep in mind that variations may occur between different batches.
  • Maintenance: While Hotham Granite is relatively low maintenance, cleaning up spills promptly is essential to prevent staining. Use a pH-neutral cleaner and avoid abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that could damage the surface.
  • Heat Resistance: While Hotham Granite is resistant to heat, it’s advisable to use trivets or hot pads under hot cookware to prevent thermal shock and potential damage to the surface.
  • Scratch Prevention: Despite its durability, sharp objects can still be scratched by Hotham Granite. To prevent scratches, use cutting boards and avoid dragging heavy items across the surface. 

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance are essential to preserving the beauty and longevity of Hotham Granite surfaces.


  • Daily Cleaning: Wipe down Hotham Granite surfaces with a soft cloth or sponge and mild dish soap diluted in warm water to remove dirt and debris. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbing pads, which can scratch the surface.
  • Spill Cleanup: To prevent staining, promptly wipe up spills, especially acidic or staining substances like wine, vinegar, or citrus juices. Blot the spill with a clean cloth and rinse the area with water.
  • Heat Protection: Use trivets or hot pads under hot cookware to prevent thermal shock and potential damage to the surface.
  • Avoiding Scratches: Despite its durability, sharp objects can still be scratched by Hotham Granite. To prevent scratches, use cutting boards and avoid dragging heavy items across the surface.


Hotham is a natural granite stone with a mix of wonderful earthy tones through it. With its natural colours, it maintains a popular choice for any interior or exterior space. We also provide corner units for all our walling products.

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