Tired of cracked concrete or dull pavers ruining your outdoor space?

Fading colours and weak materials make your patio or pool deck look worn and outdated.

Upgrade your exterior with Verde Marble Pavers. This luxurious natural stone offers timeless elegance, unmatched durability, and rich green hues that transform your space into an oasis.

Key Features

Stunning Visuals: Verde Marble boasts a captivating blend of greens, ranging from deep forest to vibrant emerald, often with white and grey veining. This natural variation ensures a unique and luxurious look.

Unmatched Durability: Marble is a tough and dense stone. Verde Marble Pavers resist scratches, chips, and abrasion, maintaining their beauty even in high-traffic areas.

Weather Resistance: This marble handles sun, rain, and temperature fluctuations exceptionally well. Colours remain vibrant, and the surface resists fading and cracking.

Timeless Elegance: Marble exudes a luxurious aesthetic that adds sophistication and value to any outdoor project.

Ideal Use Cases and Application

Verde Marble Pavers excel in both residential and commercial outdoor settings:

  • Patios & Walkways: Create stunning paths and gathering spaces that combine durability with visual appeal.
  • Pool Decks: Verde Marble’s natural slip resistance and cool surface ideal for pool surrounds.
  • Entryways & Porches: Impress guests with a luxurious and welcoming entrance.
  • Garden Features: Use Verde Marble Pavers to define garden paths, create water feature surrounds, or build elegant retaining walls.
  • Commercial Applications: Enhance hotel courtyards, restaurant patios, and public plazas with the timeless beauty of marble.

Important Note: While Verde Marble can be used indoors, it’s best suited for exterior applications where its strength and weather resistance shine.

Considerations for Using Verde – Marble Pavers

  • Cost: Marble is a premium material, and Verde Marble Pavers reflect this in their price compared to some concrete or manufactured alternatives. Consider them an investment in both beauty and long-term durability.
  • Maintenance: While highly durable, marble requires some care. Sealing is recommended to protect against stains, and regular cleaning with pH-neutral products will maintain its beauty.
  • Weight: Marble pavers are heavier than some alternatives. If installing them yourself, ensure your base preparation is adequate, or consult a professional.
  • Colour Variation: As a natural stone, expect variations in the depth of green tones and veining patterns. This adds to the marble’s charm, but preview samples to ensure the look suits your design vision.
  • Climate: In areas with harsh freeze-thaw cycles, consult a landscape professional to ensure proper installation techniques to prevent potential damage.

Care and Maintenance

Verde Marble Pavers embody natural elegance, and their beauty will endure with proper care. Here’s a comprehensive guide to keep them pristine:

  • Sealing is Essential: Apply a high-quality penetrating sealer designed for natural stone upon installation. Reapply periodically – the frequency depends on your climate and the pavers’ level of use. A good sealer protects against stains, etching, and water damage.
  • Routine Cleaning: Sweep regularly to remove loose debris. For spills, blot them up right away. Clean the area with a pH-neutral soap formulated for natural stone. Avoid harsh cleaners, especially those containing acids (vinegar, lemon, etc.), as they can damage the marble.
  • Pressure Washing (with Caution): For occasional deeper cleaning, use a pressure washer on a low-pressure setting and with a wide-angle nozzle. High pressure can damage the stone’s surface.
  • Prevention is Key: Use mats or rugs at entrances to reduce tracked-in dirt and grit. Coasters under beverages prevent ring stains. Avoid placing metal objects (like furniture legs) directly on the marble, as rust stains can occur.
  • Treating Stains: Should stains happen, don’t panic. Consult a stone care professional for advice on the safest removal method, as the remedy depends on the type of stain.


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