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We believe that in a new age world filled with gadgets, noise and pace that a moment to stop, reflect and connect with something pure and immersive will have profound offerings; a connection with something hand crafted something like the splendour found in stone.

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Beautiful & Immersive Stone Wall Cladding Melbourne

Splendour in Stone believes in an immersive experience’s potential for providing peace and tranquillity. In a world where we are becoming more fixated by gadgets and new technology, the need to step back and allow yourself to sit back and reflect on the beauty of your surroundings is vital.

We understand the importance in this contemporary age to take some time and enjoy something pure, immersive and lovingly handcrafted. Leaving clutter and content behind by taking in the still of a truly stunning space is something we can all enjoy and find immense beauty in.

With this notion in mind, we provide artisanal, innovative natural stone cladding throughout the Melbourne eastern suburbs and beyond. With years of experience in this unique industry, we provide home and business owners across Victoria, and now Australia, with the finest quality available on the market.

We believe in our craft’s beauty, and we’re sure we can provide you with a most outstanding product. With years of experience in the industry and a profound product knowledge that allows us to source only the finest natural resources, you can trust our team to deliver the best in the industry.

Experience the Beauty of Feature Wall Cladding

For years, our team has supplied interior and exterior natural stone, for both residential and commercial projects. We specialise in providing anything from a small poolside paving to large apartment complex walling. With no order being too big or small for our professional team, we have earned a reputation throughout Australia for providing a truly outstanding service.

We are in a fantastic geographical position for our supply service, as we are able to provide the whole of Melbourne and beyond with quality products. The desire for quality cladding in Australia has grown due to its beauty, immersive capabilities and incredibly durable finish. We love supplying Australian projects with the natural resources we have available, and are constantly working to source innovative, stylish new products that can give your project a truly unique finish.

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We are dedicated to providing Australia’s home and construction business owners with an outstanding level of service and communication, and will be happy to discuss your project with you or set you up with an order of our quality stone products.

Simply fill out an enquiry form via our contact page  or call us on 03 9873 4941 and one of our team will assist you with all your enquiries.


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