Welcome to Splendour In Stone

Splendour in Stone share your passion for natural stone as a building material of immense beauty and practicality. Natural stone has an intensity about it. The look, feel, texture and permanence of stone is something found in no other material. It can transfix you and transform your home.


Throughout history man has built some incredible structures and artworks using stone. Each structure, art piece and sculpture tells a story and it is the stone within these works that give it the curiosity and admiration.


Whatever your vision, at Splendour in Stone our mission is to enable you to realise the dream you have using natural stone to create your own story.

Natural Stone Paving

Our dedicated team at Splendour in Stone are passionate about the beauty of natural stone, and believe stone pavers deserve the utmost in craftsmanship. We are the trusted specialists when it comes to stone paving in Melbourne, and can help you with your project, no matter what the size.


Experienced in handling a wide range of stone pavers, our Melbourne team can work closely with you to explore your options from beautiful travertine to sandstone, to bluestone and granite will find the right natural stone for you.


We are certain our selection of natural stone pavers and cladding will inspire you to make your visions a reality.  Have a look at our gallery for beautiful stone wall and paving inspiration.


Please contact us to talk to an expert for any information you may need.

Trusted Supplier of Stone Wall Cladding

Splendour in Stone provides quality natural stone. We specialise in providing dry stone walling and natural stone paving for any interior or exterior space in Melbourne. There are many factors to consider when deciding on stone wall cladding, Melbourne weather among them. As trusted local industry leaders, Splendour in Stone have a deep understanding of the type of materials that provide the best results long term.


With an extensive range of beautiful stone wall cladding available including granite, sandstone, limestone and more, the team at Splendour in Stone guide you through the decision-making process to build the wall of your dreams.