Walk down any Melbourne laneway and chances are you’ll be faced with the unique beauty of bluestone pavers. Synonymous with Melbourne’s iconic architecture, bluestone pavers have long been the first choice for durable, timeless outdoor designs.

Splendour in Stone specialise in a range of bluestone products and services, and can work with you to create unique designs for your home or commercial projects. 

Sawn Bluestone

Introduce long lasting style into your property with Sawn Bluestone. Featuring classic grey and blue tones with a raw stone finish, sawn pavers provide an added element of texture to your space. Sawn bluestone has a highly porous surface, adding to its natural finish. Hardwearing and versatile, this stylish paver creates a matt like finish and is ideal for outdoor patios, pool areas, courtyards and more.

Honed Finished Bluestone

Specifically treated to bring out the unique colours and characteristics of bluestone, Hone Finished pavers are a favourite for creating a durable yet luxe finish. Buffed to create a non-porous, smooth surface, honed bluestone provides sleek elegance perfect for both contemporary and traditional designs. 

Sizes and styles to suit your space

Splendour in Stone understand the importance of finding the right materials, in the right styles to create unique designs bespoke for you and your property. We provide high quality, industry leading bluestone pavers in a wide range of colours and sizes including:

  • 300 x 600
  • 500 x 1000
  • 800 x 400

We are committed to working with our customers to create tailored solutions to help you achieve your design goals, and can to cut to size to ensure you get the perfect bluestone for your project. 

Create unique spaces with Random Crazy paving solutions

For those looking for a less uniform, more character filled look, Random Crazy paving is the perfect solution. Using a combination of sizes, shapes and finishes, Random Crazy paving creates a mosaic effect and is ideal for introducing depth, texture and colour into your space. Whether you use different varieties of Bluestone, or a mix of different stone materials, Random Crazy paving is perfect for creative designs. 

Caring for your bluestone pavers

There is a reason Bluestone still features so heavily in architecture throughout Melbourne and further afield, and that’s it’s incredible durability. Requiring little maintenance, Bluestone is favoured for both its aesthetic properties and ability to withstand staining, heavy traffic and the elements, and can be maintained with domestic cleaning products.

Using bluestone for your pool coping

With its ability to withstand the elements, bluestone is ideal for bringing style to your wet areas including pools. Splendour in Stone provide professional pool coping services including:

  • Bluestone bullnose paving
  • Bluestone drop face paving

Why Splendour in Stone are Melbourne’s Trusted Bluestone Professionals

Our professional team are passionate about what they do and take pride in delivering high quality projects to our clients. We work alongside you to create a design that will work for your space, your use and your aesthetic vision. As Melbourne locals, we understand heritage listing restrictions and can help ensure your bluestone projects are compliant with any relevant council regulations.

Contact our Melbourne team today to book an appointment or talk to a paving specialist, and be on the road to a bespoke bluestone creation. Splendour in Stone also provides a wide range of wall cladding solutions, why not explore our walling options for more stone ideas.